World Sleep Day 2020: Tips to Improve Sleep Quality; Know How Much Sleep Do We Need

If you want a lot of sleep, do not eat heavy food or drink tea or coffee at night. World Sleep Day is celebrated on 13th March all over the world.

World Sleep Day 2020: Tips to Improve Sleep Quality; Know How Much Sleep Do We Need
World Sleep Day 2020

All humans and animals born on earth are set to sleep. If sleep is less than the scheduled time, then it has to face all kinds of health problems. It is a natural and necessary part of our daily routine which provides us with the energy necessary to live a healthy life. The importance of eating and exercise in keeping a person fit and healthy cannot be denied. But just like eating and exercising, sleeping is also important.

Researchers have shown that a person needs to sleep 6-8 hours daily to stay fit. Deep and the right amount of sleep gives complete relaxation to our mind and body. Due to which we get freshness and become energetic and happy. If one is not sleeping properly then there is an increased risk of heart diseases, depression and diabetes.

The incomplete sleep causes:- 

•     It causes difficulties such as grief, weakness, lethargy, short life span, etc.

Normally how much sleep do we need?

•    0 to 7 years  -  10 to 12 hours of sleep

•    7 to 14 years  -  8 to 10 hours of sleep

•    14 to 21 years  -  6 to 8 hours of sleep

•    21 to 35 years  -  5 to 6 hours of sleep

•    35 to 50 years  -  4 to 5 hours of sleep

•    Over 50 years  -  4 hours or less

For a normal, adult, healthy man 6 hours of sleep is sufficient. So people of bile and phlegm nature are healthy if they are accustomed to sleeping for 6 hours.


The main causes of insomnia are:-

•    When the element increases

•    Old age

•    Fear, stress, anger

•    No comfortable bed, no time and space

•    Smoking

•    Gout

•    Excess of tendency

•    More labor

•    fast


Tips for sound sleep:- 

•    You should wash your feet before sleeping.

•    Massaging the soles.

•    Wear loose and comfortable clothes at bedtime.

•    Do meditation and take long deep breaths before going to bed.

•    Do not sleep in the kitchen and do not keep any food items inside the bedroom.

•    Keep in mind that fresh air flows within the bedroom.

•    Never sleep in a dark and wet room.

•    Keep the head slightly up, use a thin pillow.

•    You can sleep on the terrace in summer.

•    It is not good to sleep in the direct light of the sun, although it is fine to sleep in the moonlight night if all other conditions are favorable.

•    Do not sleep in the day as sleeping during the day bad for your health.

Sleeping in the afternoon is suitable only for them:-

•    Children and old people.

•    Those who come to work at night.

•    Which comes by doing hard physical or mental work.

•    Those suffering from any kind of pain, pain, injury or TB.

•    Those who have excessive thirst, diarrhea, stomach pain, shortness of breath, hiccups, pain during menstruation.

Tips To Improve Sleep Quality

•    Avoid stress.

•    Set the time to sleep and wake up.

•    Make the distance from mobile TV.

•    Say no to tea or coffee at night.

•    Do Yoga, Meditation or Exercise anything you want.

•    Eat light dinner.

•    Do not keep room dark at all.