Virender Sehwag: Don't Think Dhoni Will Come Back in Team India for T20 World Cup

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Virender Sehwag: Don't Think Dhoni Will Come Back in Team India for T20 World Cup

Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag was in Ahmedabad for the opening of his first sportswear and accessories store Brand. He shared his views that it looked highly unlikely that Dhoni would be able to make a comeback in Team India through IPL.

He said that once the selectors decide to 'move on' in case of a particular player, then the comeback becomes very difficult. The second thing he shared is that even if Dhoni plays well in the IPL, who would he replace in Team India?

Sehwag added that these days K L Rahul, who is also doing wicket-keeping, is performing very well. For Dhoni to comeback and replace him is next to impossible. He can't also think of replacing a much younger Rishabh Pant.

On clearing doubts regarding skipper Virat Kohli's current poor form, Sehwag answered that such bad phases in the career of great players were not uncommon. Virat Kohli is also a human being like us, not a God. He had performed poorly in the test series but he played very well for so long. Sehwag also said that Legends like Ricky Ponting and Steve Waugh also had such lean patches too.

He added some more by showing faith in Virat Kohli and said that "I have full faith that once the series in India is restored or during the coming IPL, he will certainly return to form. I am even now not seeing any problem with his technique, temperament or attitude".

Sehwag answered confidently on being asked about the Team India's prospects in the coming T20 World Cup. He said that the return of a superb all-rounder like Hardik Pandya would balance to the team combination, which is much needed.