Viral Video: Nilgai Walks Freely on the Road of Noida Amid Lockdown

When entire country has been locked down to control the coronavirus from spreading. The animals are roaming freely without the fear.

Viral Video: Nilgai Walks Freely on the Road of Noida Amid Lockdown



The whole world is scared of coronavirus and the governments have imposed lockdown to control COVID-19. The pandemic has created a chaos around the world and threatened hundreds of thousands of lives. However, it is healing mother earth and animals are roaming freely on the empty streets. 

Recently, one incident took all the attention on social media when a journalist posted a video of Nilgai. The Nilgai can be seen wandering on the road of Noida which is under the complete lockdown. Yet, laws and orders are implemented only for the humans. 

 Direct link of the video

Earlier the outbreak, roads used to be crowded with vehicles and public. A lot of videos are going viral on social media of animals from Malabar to Indian bison. Animals used to get hit by the vehicles on the busy roads of cities.

When everyone is sitting in their homes, animals are roaming freely. The journalist posted a video with a caption that “It is unbelievable, Nilgai takes over the streets of Noida”.

A jam packed road which has never seen empty witnessed this incident where Nilgai walking around the mall. The video was captured at the site of Great India Place mall. The Nilgai starts running after seeing the police on the spot. 

After this viral video, Indian Forest Officer Parveen Kaswan shared the same video.  He captioned it “Again Nilgai natural to Noida”. There are a lot of Nilgai in the surrounding area which often get hit by vehicles. 

The moment video went viral users did not stop themselves from commenting. One twitter user wrote “Wildlife is up and running”. “Mother earth is on reboot” mode wrote by another user.

The air quality index has been decreased which is also good for the environment as well as for the humans and animals.