Viral Post: Genius Idea of a Mother to Keep her kids away while Working from Home

A mother who is working from home made a interesting note for her kids to maintain the peace while working.

Viral Post: Genius Idea of a Mother to Keep her kids away while Working from Home
Viral Post



Most of the people from different countries are working from home during the lockdown. It’s not an easy task for the parents to work from home because of their notorious kids.

The children do not let their parents work as their presence creates chaos and disturbances. People cannot sit with the concentrated mind in the home where pets and children do unexpected activities. 

Recently, a mother comes up with a different idea as she wanted to avoid the unwanted disturbances. She wrote something interesting on two white papers for her own kids. She even posted that on her social media’s account which went viral.

A lot of people appreciated her idea through their comments on the post.  The mother tried to make her room as an office set up so the kids won’t enter to the room.

The picture shows that the mother has captioned it “The joys of working from home”. One can see the important note on the white paper which says “Do not enter because mom is in the meeting till 9:30 to 11. Even she wrote few random answers to her kids which might be asked.  

The written message included Upstairs, in the wash, I don’t know what’s for dinner, No, in your bedroom, piece of fruit. These are the answers of the predicted questions which generally asked by children to a mother. 

This post gained the attention of around 63,000 people and the comment section got flooded with hilarious replies. Users who are sailing on the same situation did not stop themselves from commenting. One user wrote that “these questions cover at least 90% of the questions, to be honest”.