Six Died after Attending Religious Gathering and around 1600 are Stuck at Nizamddin

Amid the lockdown in Delhi, around thousands of people were gathered for a religious activity & six people are died due to COVID-19.

Six Died after Attending Religious Gathering and around 1600 are Stuck at Nizamddin
Religious gathering



Despite the lockdown in Delhi around 1600 people including 250 foreign nationals were spotted for religious gatherings.

The central and state governments are actively disseminating the information amid the outbreak. Nevertheless, people are violating the orders and stepping out of the houses. 

The people who had gathered for a religious activity started showing symptoms of COVID-19. As per sources, six out of them are died in Telangana. 

The event was conducted in Nizamuddin at Tablighi Jamaat’s international headquarters. Currently, 1600 people and 250 foreign nationals are stuck at the respective place. Also, all the domestic and international flights will be suspended till the further order. 

However, 200 people were admitted to different hospitals in Delhi on Saturday & Sunday to control the infection from spreading. The officials have confirmed the deaths of six people who participated in the religious activity. 

As per IANS reports, Dr Mohammed Shoib Ali spokesperson of the group told that the hospital has not issued an official statement regarding the same.

The Nizzamuddin Markaz which is the international headquarter of the religious group. The Nizamuddin Markaz is located in southwest Delhi, an extremely congested Nizamuddin housing colony.  More than 200 countries have the centres of its religious group. 

The Delhi Police has advised the people to maintain the social distancing to those who gathered at Nizamuddin. They all have to follow the medical advisory of 14 days self isolation to avoid the contact with others. 

On Monday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asked Delhi Police to lodge a complaint against the organizers. Amid the lockdown, organizers violated the prohibitory order by conducting a religious gathering.