Shocking! In Bengal Man Receives Dog's Photo on His Voter ID Card

A man in Bengal has received his voter ID card with a dog's picture instead of his own on it.

Shocking!  In Bengal Man Receives Dog's Photo on His Voter ID Card
Voter ID Card

A demeaned incident happened in Murshidabad, Bengal where a man issued the Voter ID card with a dog's photo on it. Sunil Karmakar who is a resident of Ramnagar village had applied for the rectification in his voter ID card. 

The man was shocked after receiving his revised voter ID card. Instead of his own photo, a dog's photo had placed on it.

Although, Block Development Officer (BDO) assured the person that the card has been rectified and it will be issued with a correct picture of Karmakar.

On Wednesday, Karmakar had applied for the correction in his voter ID card and he called in the evening to receive his ID card.

As per the sources, Karmakar was called at Dulal Smriti School and this voter ID card handed over to him.

He said that there was an officer's signature on it then how he did not see the photo. They are simply playing with my dignity.

However, he further added that I will make a visit to BDO office and request them that this incident should not be repeated.

In the aftermath of this incident, Rajarshi Chakraborty BDO assured Karmakar that a rectified voter card will be issued.

Chakraborty added "It's not his final voter ID card. If there is a mistake, it'll be corrected. As far as the dog's photo is concerned, it might have been done by someone while filling online application. The photo has already been corrected will get the final ID card with the correct photo".


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