SHAME! 3 Year Old Kid Inserted With 11 Needles in His Private Parts & Back

A woman who is a blot on humanity inserted sharp needles in the private parts of a 3 year old kid.

SHAME! 3 Year Old Kid Inserted With 11 Needles in His Private Parts & Back

Recently, a horrified incident came to light when 11 needles were found inside a 3 year old kid. This incident took place in Wanaparthy district, Telangana. It is a shame on humanity.

The kid was complaining about the pain in his private parts and back from last six months. His parents took him to the private hospital.

The doctor scanned his body and did the X-Ray which showed a shocking result where sharp needles found under his buttocks, thighs and close to his kidneys. Shockingly, some of the needles were popping out from his anus.

The parents filed a complaint against the incident and police started to interrogate the suspects. As per the reports, boy's aunt named Aliveluamma intentionally inserted these needles on his thighs and buttocks to kill him.

Police official said that Aliveluamma wanted to grab the 1.5 acre land of boy's father by killing him.

Victim's parents told that Aliveluamma used to look after the kid when they go out on the farm. According to the media sources, 8 surgical needles have been taken out from his body whereas 3 needles are yet to remove.

Doctors reported that the left needles are in the sensitive parts and it will take more time to remove.

The family who resides in Veepanagandla village took their son to the hospital after the child's mother found a needle coming out of his back while giving him a bath. 

The child's parents filed a case against two persons who used to take-care of their son while they were on the field.

Police registered the case under Section 324 of Indian Penal Code (causing hurt with dangerous weapons and means) and Section 75 of Juvenile Justice Act (Punishment for cruelty to child).


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