Rs. 5 Crore Drugs Hidden in Wedding Cards Seized at Bengaluru Airport

Over five kilogram drug, worth of Rs. five crore has been seized by the custom at the Bengaluru Airport.

Rs. 5 Crore Drugs Hidden in Wedding Cards Seized at Bengaluru Airport

The Bengaluru's Air Cargo complex has seized about 5 kilogram of Ephedrine worth Rs.5 crore which was going to be smuggled to Australia.

As per the media reports, within the six days, it is the second time when the drugs (Ephedrine) were being smuggled and seized at the Bengaluru Airport on February 23, 2020.

According to ANI, the wedding cards had been used to hide the Ephedrine and around 43 wedding cards were filled with the drugs and caught by the custom.

The custom officials told, "The invitation cards made of cardboard were two-sided and foldable. On cutting open the 43 invitation cards, white crystalline powder was found packed in polythene pouches which was concealed between the cardboard layers on each side of the 43 cards".

They further added, “A Madurai-based exporter booked the export consignment which was allegedly being smuggled to Australia.”

Joint Commissioner of customs MJ Chethan said, "Preliminary scanning of the package indicated concealment of powder. Detailed examination of the package was done and it was found to contain 43 invitation cards and garments".

The officials at the Bengaluru Airport had to cut the wedding cards with scissors to take out the hidden drugs inside those cards.

According to NDPS Act in 1985, Ephedrine is a controlled substance which is controlled and regulated under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

It has been reported that this is the second seizure of Ephedrine within the six days at the Airport. Before this incident, worth Rs.5 crore, Ephedrine was seized on February 18, 2020.

The further investigations and searches are going on, said the official.


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