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Test the Freshness of Milk with This Simple Paper Kit

Contamination in milk or poor quality is a common issue in packaged milk. To solve this problem, a research team led by Dr Pranjal...


Facebook makes change in the sign up process ?

Facebook has made a change in the sign up process of Messenger these days. This is being seen as a big change because now you cannot...


How to Download and Send WhatsApp Stickers

Nowadays, people like to wish friends and relatives with the help of apps like WhatsApp on festive occasions. On special occasions...


What is Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty

Mikhail Gorbachev erstwhile President of USSR and Ronald Reagan, American President have signed a Comprehensive intermediate-range...


Taiwan’s Deputy Defense Minister Killed in Helicopter Crash

In a helicopter crash Taiwan’s Deputy Defense Minister and Chief of General Staff Shen Yi-Ming got killed. Thirteen other people were...


World's largest flower found in Indonesia’s Forest

Rafflesia is the name of the largest and heaviest flower in the world. It is a parasitic plant and smells very bad. The flower spreads...


Fears of New Conflict in Middle East as Iran Vows to Take...

There is a big tension in the Middle East after Major General Qasem Sulaimani of Iran's Revolutionary Guard was killed by US in airstrike...