Now Even 10th Pass Can Become Fertilizer and Seed Seller; Know How

There's a good news for those who want to become a seed or pesticide seller. Like agriculture graduates, 10th pass will also be able to open his fertilizer store.

Now Even 10th Pass Can Become Fertilizer and Seed Seller; Know How

Earlier department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare mandated one year diploma of DAESI (Diploma in Agriculture Extension Service for Input Dealers Program) or B.Sc Agriculture degree for fertilizers and seed sellers but now it is not so.
According to District Agriculture Officer Satyendra Singh of Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh, the degree will not come in the way of people who want to open fertilizer and seeds store. If a person who is just 10th pass want to get a license for a fertilizer store, then they will get it easily. But for this the person will have to do 15 days training in Agriculture Department.
According to new rules, like agricultural graduates, 10th pass can also get license to become fertilizer and seed seller. They will get license from the agriculture department but before that they will have to take 15 days training from the office of Deputy Director Krishi Prasar. After this, they will be given with a certificate of selling seeds. As the government has amendment these rules, it has also decided a separate course for training. Here proper information will be given about how to sell fertilizer.

Points to Remember

  • To get the license of fertilizer and seed seller, it is mandatory for a normal applicant to be between 18 & 45 years old.
  • The maximum age limit of an employee retired from a state, center, board or corporation is 65 years.
  • 30 - 35 youth will be trained in a batch. 
  • Applicants will be given preference on first come, first serve basis for getting training.


Author - Rishabh