Milk Cream to Make Your Skin Fair, Glowing & Young; Check Right Method to Apply

Unheard Benefits Of Malai For Flawless And Milky White Skin.It is a natural moisturiser full of vitamins and minerals.

Milk Cream to Make Your Skin Fair, Glowing & Young; Check Right Method to Apply

Many people like the taste of the top thick layer present in milk, called Malai or Milk cream. While, some avoid eating it due to the excess of fat present in it. Malai is a type of natural moisturiser which is full with several vitamins and minerals. However, you will be surprised to know that rubbing/eating malai (milk cream) is good for health and is also very beneficial in making the skin beautiful.

How malai cream makes skin beautiful?

1. Moisturises the skin
•    It acts as the best natural moisturizer for the skin. Massaging the face with milk cream for a few minutes removes the skin's damaged tissues and makes skin healthy.

2. Brightens the skin
•    Milk Cream also gives glow on the face. For getting glow on face, mix a little honey in the cream and apply it on the face. This will brighten your skin.
•    Malai is suitable for those who have dry skin.

3. Removes the tanning 
•    Milk cream also enhances skin tone. 
•    The lactic acid present in the cream improves the skin naturally by removing the tanning on the skin.

4. Removes dark spots    
•    Some people have more dark spots on their face. However, now you can get relief from your spots. 
•    For this, apply Milk cream on the spots and leave them for some time. If you want a quick effect, then mix a little lemon juice in the cream. 
•    After the cream has dried, wash the face with fresh water. Soon you will see a difference.
5. Prevents wrinkles
•    By applying cream on the face daily, the face remains young.
•    The protein and vitamin present in cream increases the production of collagen in the skin, which keeps the skin young.