London Based Girl Declared To Be CM Candidate Of This State

A girl who lives in London but belongs to Darbhanga has announced to be a CM candidate of Bihar.

London Based Girl Declared To Be CM Candidate Of This State
Priya Choudhary

Pushpam Priya Choudhary who is residing in London has announced her candidature of Chief Minister for Bihar Assembly 2020.

As per the sources, she hails from Darbhanga but lives in London and she has declared herself for the Chief Minister candidate of Bihar in the upcoming Assembly Election. 

In a post of her social media account, she stated herself as the president of 'Plurals' which is name of her party. Also, she mentioned the tag-line of the party which says 'Plurals has arrived'.

One can see an appeal made by Priya where she urged the people of Bihar to join her party. This social media post states to join her party if they hate politics and love their Bihar.

Priya wrote an open letter to the people of Bihar which depicts that Bihar will become the most developed state of the country by 2025. She continued, if she wins and becomes the Chief Minister of Bihar, the state will become most developed.

Meanwhile, she captioned a post on her website Plurals by saying "the incompetent and insensitive Politicians of Bihar".

She urged the people if they want to challenge the system or want to reject the dirty politics then they should join her party.

Priya Choudhary is the daughter of Vinod Choudhary who was a former MLC of Janata Dal (united).

However, she has completed her studies from University of Sussex in UK. She has done her post graduation in Development Studies & Masters in Public Administration.

Importantly, Priya Choudhary's website offers people to volunteer, register and donate to support the family.


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