Know Benefits of Amla for health

Amla is a fruit which is famous for its many medicinal properties. It contains vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus.

Know Benefits of Amla for health

In many places, amla trees are present in the forests and they produce fruits every year. It is a tropical climate tree but we can also be grown in subtropical and mild temperate climates. This tree is very important for commercial purposes as they are rich in medicinal and nutrients properties. This fruit is mainly known for its excess in vitamin 'C'.

Benefits of Amla for health

For hair 

•    Amla is used in many shampoos and hair products because it makes hairs strong, dense, black and shiny.

•    To get the maximum benefit of amla you can eat or grind it and applying it to the hair.

•    It reduces hair fall by 90%.

For eyes

•    It plays a major role in increasing the eye light of a person. 

•    You can overcome by Night blindness and a foggy appearance by eating amla. 

Provides calcium to the body

•    We can get a good amount of calcium from amla because calcium is necessary for our body for bones, teeth, hair, and nails. 

•    You can add beauty to your body by eating Amla.

Good for women 

•     Amla helps in giving relief to women in every month due to pain. 


•    Doctors instruct diabetic patients to eat amla because it keeps blood sugar in balance.

•    You feel strong if you eat amla because it has less blood sugar, which means the blood is used in the body for energy by Glucose cells, which increases metabolic rate.

Good for the digestive system 

•    As we all know that amla is a good source of fiber like other fruits. 

•    You can get relief from gas, constipation, diarrhea by eating Amla 

Remove infection 

•    It removes many infections due to antibacterial property.

•     The immunity of the body increases by consuming it. 


•    Its Consumption removes old age.