Indian Railways cancels all regular train tickets for travel till June 30, Passengers will get full Refund

Indian Railways on Thursday, May 14 announced to cancel all regular train tickets booked for travel till June 30, but Special and Shramik trains will run as usual.

Indian Railways cancels all regular train tickets for travel till June 30, Passengers will get full Refund

Indian Railways has canceled all regular train tickets reserved for travel till June 30, until further notice. The Indian Railways has announced that the trains have been canceled and a full refund will be given to all travelers who had booked tickets for travel on these trains.

Meanwhile, all special trains and Shramik Special trains will run as usual that were started on May 12. Special trains are running on 15 courses to ship abandoned Indians across the nation while Shramik Special trains are taking migrant workers, students, pilgrims, and tourists from various states to their home states.

The regular train tickets which have been canceled by the Indian Railway Board were booked during the lockdown time frame when they had permitted ticket bookings for journeys in the month of June.

Regular trains including mail, express, passenger, and Suburban have been suspended, according to the notification released by Director, Passenger Marketing, Railway Board.

"Competent authority has wanted that all tickets booked...for the period up to June 30, 2020, might be canceled and full refund generated," Railway Board included.

As per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, all travelers will be necessarily screened and just asymptomatic travelers will be permitted to enter or board trains.

"At the time of screening, if a traveler has an extremely high temperature or any other indications of COVID-19 and so forth, he or she will not be permitted to go in spite of having confirmed tickets. In such a case, a full refund will be given to the traveler," the order stated.

On the first day of ticket booking on IRCTC, the Indian Railways had booked tickets for 80,000 travelers, gaining an amazing amount of Rs 16.15 crore with 45,533 PNR generated.

More than lakh travelers have booked tickets of Rs 45.30 crore to travel in the next seven days, the railways stated on Thursday.

According to the statement, 20,149 travelers went on the special trains on Wednesday, and 25,737 are planned to go on 18 special trains running today on Thursday, May 14. The total revenue created till now through these train tickets is Rs 45,30,09,675.

Of the nine trains from Delhi on Wednesday, eight which left for Howrah, Jammu, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, Dibrugarh, Mumbai, Ranchi, and Ahmedabad were reserved beyond their capacity. Just one train, to Patna, ran at 87 percent capacity, as per the data appeared by PTI.