How to Make Navratri Potato Chips at Home?

Potato chips are easy to make at home. In these fasting days of navratri these are the best tea time snacks.

How to Make Navratri Potato Chips at Home?

If you want to try something new then potato chips is a better option for you in navratri. During the fast, these chips will not only change your taste but you can also go to office, kitty and other places with them. You can also enjoy a handful of rock salt chips with tea and it will make your day.

Ingredients for Potato Chips

•    Potatoes - 5-6.

•    Oil.

•    Salt - As per taste.

•    Alum

Things to keep in mind

•    Potatoes should be smooth, long or round.

•    Don't torn apart.

•    Wash Potatoes before peeling and wash them thoroughly with water after peeling.

Method to make Navratri Potato Chips:

•    You can use chips cutter or a sharp knife to cut potato chips.

•    Potatoes should be cut of same thickness. 

•    Potato chips are sliced very thin to make such chips.

•    Then take 1 liter of water in a vessel and sink all the chopped chips in it and mix the alum in the water and dissolve it.

•    You can enhance Potato chips color by adding alum to water.

•    Then take out the chips from the water and wash them once more with clean water.

•    Spread the potato chips on a cotton cloth and wipe from the top with a cloth to remove all the water.

•    Then fill pan with oil and heat it

•     Put as many potato chips in hot oil as possible to submerge in oil. 

•    On a medium flame fry the chips.

•    It takes around 7 - 8 minutes to fry one time chips. 

•    Take chips out ofoil when they are crispy and keep them on a plate. 

•    Fry all the remaining potato chips in this way.

•    When chips get fry, sprinkle salt powder on it and mix.

•     Put these crunchy potato chips in a plate and keep the remaining potato chips in an air tight container.