How to Impress Beautiful Girls: Tips and Tricks

If you don't have a girlfriend and don't even know how to impress a girl then this article is meant for you. Go through the tips and tricks we have mentioned to impress a beautiful girl.

How to Impress Beautiful Girls: Tips and Tricks

It is not a difficult task to impress a girl. But in nowadays due to tough competition it is becoming a little difficult to impress a girl of your choice. Many times boys don't understand how to impress girls and they rush to talk to them immediately and in such a situation they get rejected. 

Through this article we will tell you that it is important to change our ways with the change in time. If you go in a better direction, then you can easily impress the girl you LOVE.

Here are easy and effective ways to impress a girl 

Method 1:- 

  • First of all you should give time to the girl you like and show that you are with her every moment. 
  • Give her more importance or you can say extra care. Talk to her continuously for a few days.
  • Then suddenly start ignoring her. 
  • Let me tell you that from that day onwards, that girl will start looking for you and will start feeling for you.

Method 2:-

  • Learn to talk with her through her eyes.
  • Many times few things happen in our eyes without reaching the mouth and the person in front of you understands it.
  • Girls are a little shy, they like this method of boys too.

Method 3:-

  • Be yourself.
  • Be kind.
  • Respect her.

Method 4:-

  • If you want to impress a girl, then you should indicate that she has something on her cheek. 
  • When she clears the cheek, you tell her that it is not on this cheek but on the other cheek. 
  • This method works 70% out of 100 till date.

Method 5:-

If your heart has come on your friend or a girl who works with you, then this can prove to be a panacea for you. 

  • You should always keep your phone ringtone romantic. Because girls like romantic songs more, they will be attracted to you by listening to that song.
  • In such a situation, many girls come to ask the boys themselves about the songs playing in the ringtone.
  • With this, the girl can become your friend and you can slowly start turning into a love .

What do girls want?

It is very important to understand your girls before finding ways to impress girls. Actually, girls are like us boys but they never express their wishes. They are more confused what we see from outside but they are more innocent and delicate from inside. 

  • Girls want that her partner be mindful of her likes and dislikes.
  • Feelings should be appreciated.
  • Faithful and trustworthy.
  • Smart enough to impress her.
  • Gift of understanding.
  • Make time for fun.
  • Be her support system.
  • Accept her flaws.
  • Be romantic.
  • Make her laugh.


Author - Rishabh