How to do advance Farming of Garlic

Garlic is a spice crop that is used in food as well as in removing many types of problems

How to do advance Farming of Garlic
How to do advance Farming of Garlic

Garlic is a crop that is mainly grown in Rabi season. It is rich in carbohydrates, protein, and phosphorus. It is used in making pickles, chutneys, ketchup, and vegetables, etc. Quality garlic produced in our country is in great demand in other countries. 

Therefore, foreign currency is also obtained from it by exporting it. Farmers can earn millions by doing proper cultivation of garlic. If the land and crop are well taken care of, then farmers can get 100 to 200 quintals of produce per hectare.

Advanced Varieties

Advanced varieties suitable and practiced for the climate of India are as follows:-

•    Yamuna white (G-1), Yamuna white- 2 (G-50), Yamuna white- 3 (G-282), Yamuna white- 5 (G-189), Agrifound white (G-41), Agrifound Parvati (G) - 313), Parvati (G-323), Jamnagar White, Godavari (Selexan-2), Sveta (Selexan-10), T-56-4, Bhima Omkar, Bhima Purple, VL Garlik-1 and VL Garlic-2, etc. 

Properties of Garlic

1. Medicinal properties 

•    It is beneficial in digestion and absorption of food. 

•    Helps in lowering down blood cholesterol concentrations. 

•    Many diseases can be relieved by consuming garlic such as arthritis, constipation, tuberculosis, weakness, phlegm and red eyes etc. 

2. Antibacterial effect- 

•    Staphylococcus aureus (Bacteria) can be prevented by the use of garlic. 

Suitable climate

•    Climate suitbale for growth of garlic - Cool and Humid climate 

•    At the time of tuber maturity are appropriate - dry climate. 

Selection of land

•    Fertile and drainage loam soil is suitable for Garlic cultivation but we can cultivate garlic on any type of soil. 

Land preparation

•    Do two deep plowing and then plowing the land with harrow. Due to this soil becomes brittle and at last weed the field.

Seed quantity

•    Around 5 to 6 quintals per hectare of seed. 

•    When you are using sowing by machine its quantity increases from 6 to 7 quintal.

Planting time, Seed Sowing and Seed Treatment

•    It is mostly sown in the months of October to November. 

•    Row to Row distance should be 15 cm 

•    Plant to Plant distance should be 7 to 10 cm. 

•    The land should be dug 4 to 5cm deep.

•    Seeds should be treated with kerosene before sowing the seeds.

Fertilizer management

•    Apply about 25 tons of rotten cow dung fertilizer per acre. Apart from this, prepare 50kg ground power, 40kg micro fertility compost, 10kg micro ground power, 10kg super gold calcifert, 50kg castor cake and 20kg micro neem, mix them together well and then spread the same amount in the field. 

•    Then after 25 days, spray 1kg super gold manium and 500 micro jhaim in 400ml water by spraying it in the field with a pump, after that spray it every 15 to 20 days at second and third intervals.

Irrigation management

•    Do a light irrigation if there is lack of moisture in the soil, after sowing the buds.

•    Then irrigate at the interval of 7 to 8 days while vegetative growth and tuber formation.

•    At last irrigate at the interval of 12 days on light irrigation.

Crop digging 

•    Garlic crop is ready in 3 months. 

•    When the garlic crop is ready, its leaves turn yellow and perish.

•    After the crop is ready, the tubers should be dug up and uprooted along with the seedlings, then made a bundle and dried in the sun for 3 to 4 days.


•    It yields 125 to 225 kWh per hectare from advanced varieties.