How to Celebrate Slap Day with Your Ex? Read List of Anti Valentine's Week Days

Today i.e. on 15 February slap day is celebrated every year.This day is just celebrated after 14th Feb to have fun with friends.

How to Celebrate Slap Day with Your Ex? Read List of Anti Valentine's Week Days

Finally Valentine's Week has come to a halt. While 14 February is celebrated as the day of love, then on the next day i.e. 15 February, a new week begins, which is called as Anti Valentine's Week. The first day of this week is observed as SLAP DAY.
Today i.e. on 15 February 2020, we will tell you what this day really means and how to celebrate it.  

What is Slap Day?

14th February or Valentine's Day is mostly for those who care about their love, never hurt them and are ready to do everything possible for them. But, those who do not care about their love and cheat them are the ones who need to be taught a lesson. Therefore, to teach lesson to such people this day is celebrated as Slap Day.

This Day is for whom? 

  • Slap Day is for those who had to face troubles due to their love partner.
  • Whose love partner showed great confidence at first, but later cheated. 

What does this mean?

  • Slap does not mean violence of any kind, slapping someone directly means hurting his/her feelings and emotions and making him/her realize his actions.

How to celebrate Slap Day? 

  • On Slap Day people send cards, scraps, SMS, congratulatory letters, etc. to the people who have played with their feelings or cheated.
  • Through all these things, they make them realize their mistake.

Importance of this day:

  • On this day people should forget the old friends who have been very upset and who have mistreated them or cheated them.

Anti Valentine's week Days: 

  • 15th February: SLAP DAY.
  • 16th February: KICK DAY.
  • 17th February: PERFUME DAY.
  • 18th February: FLIRTING DAY.
  • 19th February: Confession Day.
  • 20th February: Missing Day.
  • 21st February: Break-up Day.


Author - Rishabh