Home-Made Face Packs to Remove Holi Colors from Face, Nails & Hair 

It is an important Indian festival celebrated in the spring. This festival is celebrated on the full moon of Phalguna month according to the Hindu calendar.

Home-Made Face Packs to Remove Holi Colors from Face, Nails & Hair 
Home-Made Face Packs to Remove Holi Colors from Face, Nails & Hair 
Home-Made Face Packs to Remove Holi Colors from Face, Nails & Hair 

Holi is a colorful festival, which people of every religion celebrate with full eagerness and fun. This festival decorated with love-filled colors gives the message of brotherhood. It opens the bonds of every religion, sect, caste. 

How to remove the colors of Holi from face

•    Do not wash your face frequently to remove the colors from the face as by doing this your face will dry up completely and face skin will be damaged a lot. So avoid it.

•    One can easily get rid of the colors of Holi by using the things present in the kitchen. 

•    Use face packs mentioned below, the damage done to the skin by the colors is also cured.

Different types of Face Packs to remove the colors of Holi

Lentil/Dal Face Pack

•    Any dal can be used as scrub by grinding it. 

•    Just one night you have to soak the lentils and prepare milk and paste the next day. 

•    Keep this pack for some time and then clean it with lukewarm water.

Honey & Lemon face pack

•    To prepare a honey face pack, you will need to add lemon juice to the honey.

•    After this, apply the paste prepared from both these things to your face. 

•    Clean your face with lukewarm water after 10 minutes

Use yogurt pack

•    Use curd on the skin to remove color.

•    Wherever there is color on your skin, massage those areas with light hands with yogurt. 

•    Gradually your complexion will start to lighten and take care not to rub the skin too much during this time.

Besan Face Pack

•    It is the best face pack for face. 

•    This face pack will not only get relief from the colors of Holi in the face but will also help to moisturize your face skin. 

•    Add one teaspoon of curd to one teaspoon gram flour. 

•    Apply this face pack on your face properly.

•    At the same time, when you feel that it has dried, then clean it. 

Banana Face Pack

•    The color will be easily cleaned from your skin and your face will also improve from this face pack. 

•    First of all mash the bananas well, add half a teaspoon lemon juice to it.

•    Then wash your face with clean water and apply this pack on the face.

•    Leave this pack on the face for 15 minutes. 

•    When it dries, make your face wet and rub it well on the face for a while and then clean it.

Multani Mitti Face Pack

•    This face pack is best for those people who have any kind rash on their face due to the colors.

•    To make this face pack all you have to do is add a few drops of rose water and a little water in multani mitti. 

•    Then keep this paste or pack for 10 minutes and after it dries, clean it with the help of water.

How to Remove Holi Color from Nails?

•    Many times while playing Holi, your nails also get colored, which is very difficult to remove.

•    Apply several creams or oils on your nails before playing Holi. 

•    You can remove colours from nails with the help of lemon.

How to Remove Holi Color from Hair?

•    Apply mustard, coconut or olive oil to your hair before playing holi. It will protect your hair from Holi colours. 

•    The color of holi will not reach the roots of your hair due to the oil applied to the hair.

Keep eyes safe

•    Many times colors often go away in the eyes. Due to which the eyes start burning and itching. 

•    You must wear glasses or sunglasses whenever you go to play Holi. 

•    If there is still color in your eyes, then wash your eyes with cold water.

What not to do:

•    Do not paint for too long.

•    Do not leave color on hair.

•    Do not wash face, body, hairs and nails with hot water.

•    Do not apply bleach on face.

•    Do not rub the body too much.