Health Update! Which 5 Foods you should Avoid After 30?

Here is the list of 5 foods which should be stopped consuming after age 30.

Health Update! Which 5 Foods you should Avoid After 30?
After 30

Ageing is not bad, it is natural and everyone go through this phase. Yet, it's not important to start feeling old as you start ageing. There is nothing wrong to have a healthy and young body even after your 30.

Otherwise, age is just a number in your mind. It has nothing to do with your body. Until, you do not make a mindset of your own age.

However, you face some changes in your body and skin after 30. Do not panic, be calm and stay positive as this is the best thing to have less stress.

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Secondly, you need to be little conscious for your health as a burden is always on your shoulder. Having a good diet will give you more energy and a fit body after turning 30.

This article does not promote any body type as every shape of body is beautiful. Though, a lean & fit body reduces the chances of cholesterol, heart diseases, diabetes etc.

Through this, you will get to know the five major foods that should be avoided after 30.   

List of 5 foods which are harmful after 30:

1. White Bread

We all know, it is a base for our sandwiches, butter-bread or bread omlette. Yet nothing can be more important than a healthy food diet. You can substitute the white bread with brown bread or a whole-grain bread. The white breads are less in fibre which may affect your collagen. This can also impact to the wrinkle fighting proteins.

2. Flavoured yogurt

If you want to restrain your charm and do not want to look dull. Then, definitely you should not consume flavoured yogurt. The main reason to stop consuming flavoured yogurt is it has added sugar. It can increase the possibilities of weight gain, heart disease, blood pressure and cancer. The flavoured yogurt access the rapid ageing process by saggy & wrinkled skin.

3. Commercial Cookies:

Factory or manufactured products are harmful as they are covered with lots of calories and fat. It can take your youth charm from you. Artificial cookies increase the cholesterol level which can impact badly on your skin and body. Not to worry, you can make some cookies at your home with your members to stay healthy.

4. Canned soup or packed food:

Always try to eat fresh and homemade food because no one will tell you the side effects of it. No doubt, canned or packed food taste good but the chemical used in it can cause cancer, infertility, blood problems. The best way is to cook your-self and serve on the dining table.

5. Sugar Free Snacks

Let's break the myth which says sugar free alternatives will not impact your health. Expert says it causes more side effects such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes. Try to consume non-nutritive sweeteners to avoid intake of artificial sugar.