Hantavirus: Symptoms, Tests Diagnose, Treatment, & Is It Contagious?

Is hantavirus is as deadly as the coronavirus, will it be pandemic after death in China

Hantavirus: Symptoms, Tests Diagnose, Treatment, & Is It Contagious?

While China is struggling with coronavirus, a new virus evolved named as Hantavirus. This virus caused the death of a man in Yunnan province. It spreads mainly by rodents.

CDC website said that "Hantaviruses in the Americas are known as “New World” hantaviruses and may cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). Other hantaviruses, known as “Old World” hantaviruses, are found mostly in Europe and Asia and may cause hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS)".

Symptoms of Hantavirus

The symptoms of coronavirus and hantavirus are quite similar:-

•    Flu-like Symptoms.

•    Fever.

•    Chills.

•    Cough.

•    Malaise.

•    stomach pain

•    Headache.

•    Vomiting & Nausea. 

•    Muscle aches.

•    Fatigue.

•    Shortness of breath.

•    Appetite loss.

•    Sore throat.

•    Diarrhea.

What exams and tests diagnose HPS?

•    A positive serological test result.

•    The presence of amplifiable viral RNA sequences in blood or tissue.

What is the treatment for HPS?

•    The infection of hantavirus can lead to HPS. According to the CDC, the hantavirus mortality rate is about 38%.

•    There is no defined treatment for HPS other than early recognition of HPS. 

•    Usually consisting of symptomatic medical treatment and respiratory support or mechanical ventilation.

•    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that early treatment in an ICU may allow the patient to survive severe HPS.

Is hantavirus contagious?

•    The virus does not spread through air or breath. 

•    If one person is suffering from this virus then the infection will not spread to another person.

•    If a person comes in contact with a rat, they are at risk of the Hantavirus infection.

•    This infection can be caused by the rat coming in contact with saliva, sputum, feces or urine, and by touching the eyes, ears or mouth with these hands.