Hantavirus Fact Check: Know the Truth behind This New Virus after COVID-19

A rumour about Hantavirus from china after coronavirus made the people more panic.

Hantavirus Fact Check: Know the Truth behind This New Virus after COVID-19


When the entire world is fighting against the coronavirus and trying to make a vaccine for it. At the same time Hantavirus news become trending topic among the people. As per sources, a man died due to Hantavirus in Yunnan, China. People started circulating myths and rumours about Hantavirus to make the situation more panic. 

Hantavirus is not a new virus from China it has been present from years. According to (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hantavirus basically belongs to a family of virus which occurs by rodents (rats). It can affect and show the symptoms across the world but not only in China. 

Know about Hantavirus:

Hantavirus spreads from the particles which contain saliva, droppings, urine of a rodent. You should be very careful while sweeping and dusting the waste. The virus particles can be mixed in the air and will infect you when you breathe the virus particles. 

People have higher risk of Hantavirus if they come in the contact of virus particles. Rats around the home can make the situation very risky as they spread the deadly infection. Always keep your home safe from rodents because they can leave their saliva and urine in the house.

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome:

It’s a fatal, severe and a respiratory disease which is caused by infection with Hantaviruses in human body.

Symptoms of Hantavirus:

1.    Muscles aches such as thighs, back, hips and shoulders

2.    Fever

3.    These are the universal symptoms of Hantavirus.

However, it has 38% mortality rate but people should not spread the rumours among this tough time for the whole world.