Hair Tips: How to stop Premature Grey & White Hair?

These simple changes can permanently stop premature white and grey hairs.

Hair Tips: How to stop Premature Grey & White Hair?
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Are you also suffering from grey or white hair? You need extra care for your hair and this is the best time for it. Amid the lockdown, we all are getting bored then why don’t we invest time on ourselves. Let’s jump into the article to get your healthy hair back.

What cause grey hair?

1.    Genetics:

The first is genetic problem and it inherits from your grandparents or parents to you. It cannot be cured but you can colour your hairs.

2.     Stress

The burden on our shoulder will never be vanished but we can take positivity from our surroundings. Less stress depicts healthy hairs with no grey and white. The stress can include anxiety, high blood pressure, sleep problems.

3.    Autoimmune disease

This disease leads premature grey hair as it’s a stage where immune system kills its own cells. In case of vitiligo & alopecia, people suffer loss of pigmentation in the hair.

4.    Smoking

Quit smoking if you do or spend time around the smokers as it decreases the melanin. This can lead more white hair. Even environmental pollution is also the major factor of white & grey hair. Try to cover your hairs while going outside.

5.     Lack of Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 promotes hair growth and hair colour. For the healthy red blood cells vitamin B-12 is required.

What to Eat for healthy hair?

1.    Walnuts

Add walnuts in your daily routine because walnuts are rich in copper. It promotes melanin production which is crucial for the hair pigmentation. If you want healthy, shiner hair then consume walnuts.

2.    Chicken

Deficiency of vitamin B-12 can generate major hair problems such as dry hair, thin hair and premature grey.  You can balance your Vitamin B-12 by consuming Chicken, eggs, milk and lots of poultry. These are the best sources of B-12.

3.    Broccoli

If you are vegetarian then broccoli is a best option for you. You should start eating broccoli as it is rich in folic acid and also stop premature greying. You can stock up yourself with beans, peas and lentils for better results. 

4.    Antioxidants

A diet filled with antioxidants can reduce your stress. It also gives you a reason to flaunt your beautiful hairs. You should eat that food in your diet which has high antioxidants in it. Include green tea, fish, olive oil and fresh vegetables & fruits in your diet.

5.    Natural remedies

Which brand do you use without amla, reetha for your hairs? You spend too much money on harmful products. Though, these natural ingredients are available in your kitchen and backyard. Such as copper, curry leaves, amla, reetha, shikakai.