Good News! In Delhi No New COVID-19 Case Reported In Last 24 Hours

A good news has tweeted by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal that no new case of coronavirus has been reported. Yet, we need to follow the guidelines imposed by the government.

Good News! In Delhi No New COVID-19 Case Reported In Last 24 Hours
CM : Tweet



Not only India but the whole world is fighting against the pandemic. The Indian government has taken all the possible initiatives to reduce the cases of COVID-19. Many of us, except few are supporting the government by staying at home.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that no new case of coronavirus has been reported in last 24 hours.

In Delhi, no new COVID-19 case arrived and he urged to not let the situation out of control. Now this is the biggest challenge & he asked for the support of people.

Kejriwal also said that after the complete treatment 5 people are discharged from the hospitals. But we should not be happy as it’s a big challenge now.  We all have to support the government to make the situation under control.

The Delhi Police has implemented section 144 of CrPC which prohibits four and more people at a location.

The government has already shut down the public transport services, offices, religious places, shops & markets. These prohibitory places come under the most crowded area in Delhi. As per the precautionary guidelines, state will be under lockdown until March 31.

Today, a new order has been imposed by DCP Shrivastava as people tried to violate the section 144. Delhi Police has introduced Curfew passes to enter from the inter-state borders. The actions are taken to control the infection from spreading. 

Around 80 districts in the state along with Union Territories have been locked down till the further order. Meanwhile, inter-state buses, DMRC, train services have suspended by the central government.