GOOD NEWS: A Trial to Redesign Pedestrian at Rajiv Chowk Is Made to Avoid Accidents

HVZ started to redesign the Rajiv Chowk to avoid the pedestrian accidents at the junction.

GOOD NEWS: A Trial to Redesign Pedestrian at Rajiv Chowk Is Made to Avoid Accidents
Image source: Business Today

Haryana Vision Zero, a joint team of public and private road safety experts has started to redesign Rajiv Chowk.

It is a place where over 20,000 people have a daily pedestrian walk. On Wednesday, around 11:30 PM, barricades, jersey barriers, traffic cones were used to make the pedestrian movement safe and limited in space.

Officials of HVZ said that the redesigning of pedestrian under the safety islands and flyover will be completed till Thursday morning. HVZ officials are working with World Resources Institute (WRI) to redesign Rajiv Chowk.

Project associate of HVZ Ishan Gogoi added "We are making the junction compact from all sides by creating dedicated waiting space for pedestrians—enclosed by jersey barriers and traffic cones—to give a layer of protection from vehicles. In addition, we are painting a dedicated path on the road so pedestrians can cross the junction".

Gogoi further said, "Depending on the success of the trial, a decision will be taken on making the road design a permanent feature".

It's been said that the traffic marshals will be positioned at the junction with a purpose to help the people while crossing. 

However, the redesigning is required as the poor placement & lack of lighting in subway. The people put their life in danger by crossing high speed traffic of the expressway which leads to the highest accidents at the junction.

According to HVZ data, 21 pedestrian came in grip of the accident amid 2016 to 2019. 

Though, this is not the first time when HVZ had taken a trial, before this, similar trials were made at Bakhtawar Chowk and Shankar Chowk which did not last more than a week.

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