Delhi Police Takes Action against Protestors of Shaheen Bagh & Clears the Site

A protest which have been continuing from last 100 days amid the lockdown. Today, Delhi Police has taken action against them and also cleared the site.

Delhi Police Takes Action against Protestors of Shaheen Bagh & Clears the Site



Today, Delhi Police has finally cleared the protesters from Shaheen Bagh. They have been protesting for last 100 days. Though, government has declared lockdown in Delhi but they were seen in their sit-in-agitation.

Delhi has been under the complete lockdown but a group of women refused to follow the rules which were implemented.

Till Monday, old woman continued the protest amid the COVID-19 outbreak which has taken lakhs of lives. A group of women were continuing the agitation by blocking Road No 13A in Shaheen Bagh.

As per media sources, Deputy Commissioner RP Meena said, “Protesters in Shaheen Bagh were requested to clear the site. Government has already imposed lockdown in Delhi but they refused to clear the site. The action was taken against the violators as it was unlawful”.

However, all the possible ways were made to request the protestors of Anti-CAA by different sections. They did not stop their agitation when entire world is fighting against coronavirus. 

Anti-CAA protestors said that they were waiting for the hearing of Supreme Court in this matter. The hearing was supposed to be scheduled on Monday which did not happen. Due to COVID-19 outbreak the apex court has been shut down. 

Over 500 districts in 30 states have been reported positive cases of coronavirus. The government of 30 states including union territories has declared a lockdown. A strict action will be taken who tries to violate the imposed laws.

In India, total cases of COVID-19 have reached 492 out of which 446 are under quarantine. Unfortunately, 10 deaths have been confirmed so far by the officials.



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