Cyber Crime! Driver Creates Woman’s Fake Account as a Sex Worker

Driver created a fake profile of a woman on social media as a sex worker to take revenge from the woman & her husband.

Cyber Crime! Driver Creates Woman’s Fake Account as a Sex Worker
Fake profile

Recently, a man has been arrested for creating a fake account of a woman as a sex worker. The accused have been arrested by the cyber cell unit of Malad police.

The police official identified him as Sandip Kumbhar, a 37 year old driver who resides in Sion, Mumbai. 

The cyber team of police officials took the help of social media to trace the location of the accused. Kumbhar created a fake account of a woman to take revenge from her.

The woman identity is not revealed by the officials for the security purpose. She is 35 year old and has made a complaint against this incident.

The woman was not aware until she received the phone calls of random people. The whole incident came to light about her fake profile where her phone number was intentionally mentioned by the accused.

Kumbhar used vulgar pictures of women which are available on several scandalous websites. He also added phone number of the victim to pretend it to be a sex worker’s account.

Last year in November, a 35 year-old woman who worked for a regional political party filed a complaint under the section of the Information Technology Act including, 67 A (transmitting foul content in electronic form), 354 A (sexual harassment) and 354 D (for stalking).

As per the officials, the accused Kumbhar had a dispute regarding the money with the woman and her husband.

Doe to it, he later made fake profile and decided to take revenge from the husband & wife.
Hence, the accused Kumbhar was taken in front of the court’s magistrate and sent for the remand under the police custody.


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