COVID19: Why People are Choosing Jackfruit Over Meat & Chicken?

COVID19: Why People are Choosing Jackfruit Over Meat & Chicken?

With the extensive spread of the Coronavirus all over the world, people are thinking to switch to vegetarian food to avoid the use of chicken and meat. But Indian government has marked poultry safe when the COVID19 began in India. In this state of complete confusion, the safest option people are now choosing is Jackfruit as its texture and flavours are quite similar to chicken.

The shortage of jackfruit in the market 

Jackfruit is also known as kathal. These days jackfruit is selling at a whopping amount of 120 Rupees per kg when it used to be just 50 Rupees per kg. On the other side, chicken is being sold at 80 Rs. per kg due to almost no demand. Many people these days are saying that eating Kathal is better than eating chicken and mutton these days.

A better replacement for meat

•    Jackfruit has other qualities that make it a powerhouse of nutrition. It is low in calories, it is naturally sodium and fat-free and provides an ample amount of vitamin A and C. 

•    It helps in lowering blood-pressure with its potassium content. 

•    If it is prepared healthily, you get ample of benefit from its nutritional goodness.

Comparing the protein levels of the fruit with meat

•    2 gms of protein in one serving of Jackfruit but 6-7 gms of protein from a serving of meat. 

How to prepare/recipe of jackfruit?

If you are thinking to add jackfruit in your diet or thinking to substitute for meat or chicken then follow this method:

•    Apply a little oil on your hands before cutting jackfruit. 

•    Wash and finely chop jackfruit. If there are seeds cooked in jackfruit, then peel the seeds and cut them

•    Put oil in a pan and heat it. 

•    Add asafetida and cumin seeds to the hot oil. 

•    After roasting cumin seeds, add turmeric powder, coriander powder and chopped green chillies, ginger. 

•    Stir the spices with a spoon and now add jackfruit, salt, red chili to this spice and stir the jackfruit with a spoon and roast it for 2-3 minutes.

•    Add 3-4 tablespoons of water (half a cup of water), cover the vegetable and let it cook on slow gas.