Coronavirus Update! Section 144 imposed in Nagpur, Nashik & Pune

Section 144 has been imposed in Pune, Nagpur & Nashik to avoid the mass gatherings amid the pandemic.

Coronavirus Update! Section 144 imposed in Nagpur, Nashik & Pune



Amid the coronavirus, section 144 of CrPC has been imposed in Nagpur & Nashik to control the pandemic outbreak.

It's a precautionary measure to prevent the probability of the COVI-19. The main purpose to impose section 144 is to avoid the mass gathering during the plague.

As per media reports, already 8 eight patients were in the quarantine at present where 2 fresh cases have been reported.

Ravindra Kadam Joint Commissioner of Police said with a vision to reduce the fear due to virus, for the peace & public safety the section 144 is imposed in the city.

He added, this order will prohibit all the gatherings such as religious, sports, camps, tourism, meeting, rallies, protests, social, political, cultural have been restricted.

Suraj Mandhare district collector urged people to avoid the visiting of government offices regarding to their work. He was told to take their pending work's information through Whatsapp.

Mandhare further added that at present in the district total arrangements have been made for 6 patients. Also the number will be increased by 150-200 patients.

The Municipal Corporation of Nashik has made a decision to shut all the gardens and parks in the city till March 31, 2020.

All sanitary workers of the NMC will be given masks and sanitisers, officials said. NMC stated that there are 52 beds are available in quarantine wards at different hospitals.

According to the sources, the section 144 is imposed to ban the gatherings and assembly of the mass.

Hence, medicals, grocery stores, milk & vegetable supply is excluded from the list. The order came into effect on March 15 and will be applicable till March 31.


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