Coronavirus Update: List of Countries which Have the Highest COVID-19 Cases

The number of positive case are being increased and countries are helpless due to pandemic.

Coronavirus Update: List of Countries which Have the Highest COVID-19 Cases



The situation has gone out of control around the world due to COVID-19 outbreak. The total cases of coronavirus have been increasing along with the death tolls. 

Meanwhile, Italy has reported the maximum death tolls as well as positive cases are on peak. Over 8000 COVID-19 cases have been reported in the past 24 hours revealed by officials. 

On Wednesday, the country has registered around 4000 deaths so far. In Europe, Spain comes as the highest infected country of positive cases after Italy.     

The researchers are struggling to create a vaccine for this plague so the infection can be controlled. Though, it will take few months in preparing and then it will receive the approval for the test. 

The development of the vaccine should be highly prioritized amid this current scenario said by Anthony Fauci, head of US coronavirus task force. 

On Thursday, around 16000 confirmed cases were reported in US in a single day. Hence, the total sum of the infected patients soared to 85000.

As per the Worldometer, the country has the highest cases of infected people at this time. Earlier this week, the sum of the infected people was 8000 which has raised dangerously. 

Worldometer is a website which records every single case of coronavirus of all the countries. It has all the death records of the people who died since the outbreak begun. 

In India, the positive cases have been soared to 694 including 16 deaths. Fortunately, 44 patients of COVID-19 have recovered completely and got discharged. The deaths were reported from 10 states as well as Union Territories.