Coronavirus: Maharashtra Govt. Orders to Stamp on Left Hand of Home Quarantine People

The state government of Maharashtra has circulated an order to stamp on the people of home quarantine.

Coronavirus: Maharashtra Govt. Orders to Stamp on Left Hand of Home Quarantine People



The state government of Maharashtra has taken an initiative amid the pandemic COVID-19. As per the move, people who are in home quarantine will get a stamp on their left hand. 

The immortal ink which is generally used during the votes will be used for the same.The government has strictly announced to follow the regulated advisory or else they will be punished. 

Breaking the home quarantine rules is a punishable offence clearly mentioned by the state. The Health Minister Rajesh Tope said, "Stamp on left hand will help to identify the people of home quarantine".

An official meeting was set up in the presence of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackrey. 
The decision was taken after 39 cases of coronavirus reported in the state.

They mentioned it as a precautionary measure where the deadly virus has already impacted people globally.

On Monday, Pravin Pardeshi who is a Greater Mumbai's Municipal Commissioner has circulated the notice to all officials. 

The officials including airports, hospitals are asked to stamp behind the palm of the left hand of a home quarantine person along with the date. The unfading ink will last for 14 days from the day of stamped.

Meanwhile, if a home quarantine person tries to break the order and go in a public place. Then, they will face punishment. 

Rajesh Tope Health Minister said, "A stamp will indicate that the person or patient is in home quarantine till March 31.”

He further added, "It has been done to easily identify the patient if they evade the rules and mix among the public during their isolation time period".


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