Coronavirus Alert! 646 People Are On Self-Quarantine In Gurgaon

Around 646 people with travel history are on self quarantine out of 86 people have completed their 28 day's self-isolation as the total ratio was 732.

Coronavirus Alert! 646 People Are On Self-Quarantine In Gurgaon

The health department has suggested some guidelines for the Indians and outsiders who had recently been out of country.

The health guidelines are circulated to self quarantine themselves for minimum 14 days which can prevent the infection to others.

Over 646 people, including foreigners & Indians are requested to isolate themselves and not make any contact with other people in Gurgaon.

Meanwhile, people who are in the isolation have been contacting by the district rapid response team over the phone. Earlier the total ratio was reached to 732 for the people to self quarantine.

Fortunately, 86 people have completed their 28 day's isolation without having any symptoms of covid19.

During the interview, Dr Jaswant Singh Punia who is a Chief Medical Officer said that self quarantine of 14 days is mandatory  for those who are coming from outside. If one feels these symptoms such as sore throat, cold & cough can contact us even after the 14 days.

Few days back, 146 employees of a trading firm & 71 employees of Paytm were requested to isolate themselves as a Coronovirus case reported from these offices.

On Tuesday, all the international passengers were given an advisory to follow the 14 days self quarantine from the date of their return. 

An immediate action can be beneficial to prevent the future consequences. They were asked to follow the given guidelines by the Union ministry of health & family welfare.

One team member told that they receive a list of passengers on a daily basis who have travelled from outside.

The team contacted and asked their health condition if someone faces flu like symptoms to make an immediate response to the virus.

“However, it’s not possible to keep our eyes on the people if they are following the self isolation guidelines or not. He urged the people with travel history to not share their towels and wear a mask. They are required to be in a separate room to make less contact with other healthy family members”, told Punia.

Recently, the samples had been sent by the department of two residents who have returned from Italy.

Amid the epidemic, a number of offices have suggested their employees to work from home to prevent the mass contact.


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