Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Easily With New Security Features

The Railway Protection Force has discarded all the illegal and fraudulent activities which were functioning in the market.

Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Easily With New Security Features
IRCTC : Tatkal ticket

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) has recently discarded the illegal software systems such as 'MAC', 'Jaguar', 'ANMS', which is used to log in captcha of IRCTC. 

The RPF has also arrested the agents who were running these illegal software systems to block the train tickets. These arrested agents used to generate the tatkal train tickets by the OTP of bank.

Conventionally, the overall process to book a tatkal ticket takes around 2.55 minutes for a general user. Being a genuine user, you have to go through such given processes while booking a ticket.

As per the sources, unlike a genuine user it takes around 1.48 minutes for the agents who were using illegal software to book train ticket.


Eradication of such illegal softwares by the RPF will give a better chance to the Indian Railways Passengers to get the tickets by going through a genuine procedure.

Recently, a drive had run against the fraudulent agents on February 11 to 12, 2020. According to the media reports, the RPF has blacklisted 317 agent's IDs and arrested 319 agents for running illegal softwares to book train tickets. 

It is said that Rs 37.86 lakh of future tickets has been blocked and recovered worth Rs 1.19 crore of used tickets by the RPF.

The RPF is working with CRIS & IRCTC to shut down these fraudulent activities. CRIS is continuously updating the new security features. CRIS is an IT arm of Indian Railways which is eradicating the illegal activities. 

New software systems that are illegally functioning in the market have been shut down by RPF such as, I-Ball and Red Bull.