Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Countdown Begins but Campaigns on Hold!

Amid COVID-19 pandemic Bihar Assembly Elections are only six months away, and recent scenario is moving around the Lockdown. As the Polls are scheduled be held in October, most of the political parties should have started their election campaigns but in the present situation, it seems impossible. Parties who had tried to start their campaigns have been forced to hold them for some time to prevent the pandemic.

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Countdown Begins but Campaigns on Hold!
Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Countdown Begins but Campaigns on Hold!

Lockdown has been extended till May 3rd and can be continued for few more months in many states. Despite the decision to shut down most of the areas, coronavirus cases have sharply increased in many states of India. However, to combat the sudden shock, political parties should change the process of campaigning and go for new trends. It shouldn't be surprising for us if big rallies of the past will be replaced by digital campaigning. Without gathering public at one place digitalization can make it possible to influence people living anywhere in the state.
While talking to 'The Hindu', BJP general secretary Ram Madhav said, 'With the digital, I also see a return of the print, that is, handbills and pamphlets which used to be distributed a lot in the past'.
Congress MP and former Union Minister Manish Tewari also agreed that much of the election campaign would have to shift to the digital sphere but expressed more concern over the polling part of the electoral exercise.
 The Assembly election in Bihar appears to be noteworthy in the sense that the poll the outcome will decide whether Nitish  Kumar will become Chief Minister once more, for the fourth time or the Lalu's party, RJD, which emerge as the single largest party during the 2015 Assembly Polls, will beat the NDA through their Grand Alliance 'Mahagathbandhan'.
At the time of writing this report, more than 6,65,819 people have been tested in India, in which 29,663 are confirmed cases and 940 people lost their lives, and 7,176 people recovered. According to the state health department, Bihar has reported 346 confirmed cases, registered  2 deaths, and 57 recoveries. 68 new cases were reported on Tuesday.
Within the country, Maharashtra is on the top position with 8,590 confirmed cases with 369 casualties, Gujarat with 3,548 and 162 deaths, and then Delhi with 3,108 where 54 people passed away, data released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Tuesday.
The tenure of the current assembly elected in 2015 is ending on November 29. And due to the provision, the new government should be formed before the expiration of the old one. But relying on Corona outbreaks conditions had turned unpredictable. Some of the biggest questions arise here, What would be the outcome of this bursting situation! Election Commission will extend the Polling date or not! Parties will change their style of Campaigning either get stuck to the old one.
 Bihar Vidhansabh election is the next big election due in October-November. If it takes place on schedule, it will be the forerunner to just how a pandemic influences electoral democracy.