BEWARE! These Foods Are Slowly Killing You – Salt, Milk, Wheat, Processed Meat & Many More

We all eat various foods everyday though they are very rich in flavor, but they tend to kill you slowly. Here we will inform you about the list of foods that are turning out to be a slow poison.

BEWARE! These Foods Are Slowly Killing You – Salt, Milk, Wheat, Processed Meat & Many More
Unhealthy Foods

Are you aware that the foods you eat every day are killing you slowly? We all eat various foods everyday though they are very rich in flavor, but they tend to kill you slowly. Don’t forget that not all foods that taste good are also totally good. 

We suggest our viewers to have a controlled and healthy diet. Adopt a healthy lifestyle with adequate exercise and sufficient sleeping patterns so as to avoid any health issues. Here we will inform you about the list of foods that you don’t know & are turning out to be a slow poison.

Top 19 Foods that are Slowly Killing You:

1. Salt

Consuming too much salt is not good for your health. It can regulate blood pressure, resulting in high blood pressure and a high risk of getting heart diseases. Don’t completely eliminate salt, as the body needs a certain quantity of it.

2. Sugar

Always remember that eating a lot of sugar brings side effects to our system. It can also increase glucose levels & generate fat, resulting in heart disease.

3. Energy Bars

These bars are necessary for some people, like athletes who need a good amount of energy. But, as they contain a high amount of sugar, high fructose, corn syrup, preservatives, etc it is not advisable to consume it.

4. Dairy Products

Natural & unprocessed cow’s milk like coconut milk and almond milk, tastes very good and do not have a bad effect on health. However, many dairy products are linked to migraine, cancer, arthritis, allergies, and asthma, thus add them in your diet in a limited quantity.

5. Wheat

Wheat can slowly increase your weight. It contains carbohydrates, thus increasing your BP and sugar levels.

6. Refined Flour

Please note that the white/refined flour is subjected to a process where the most valuable nutrients are eliminated such as vitamins, proteins and all the nutritional fiber, what is obtained from this process are the residues combined with chemicals that is what we eat. Hence, in the long run, it leads in overweight, damage to the thyroid and organs.

7. Alcohol

Alcohol can cause dehydration, liver damage, skin problems, depression, & weight gain. It is extremely high in calories. So avoid it as much as you can.

8. Margarine

Margarine is made with hydrogenated vegetable oils, & they are not natural at all. It contains trans fats which is responsible for damaging the heart, blood vessels and raising the cholesterol level. 

9. Processed Meat

As we are well aware, that nothing processed is healthy. Meats like salami, ham, bologna and cold meats can increase the risk of cancer, diabetes & heart disease.

10. Frozen foods

They are full of preservatives which thicken the blood & increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

11. French Fries

French Fries are not good for health as they contain large amount of fat, salt, artificial colorants, and colorants.

12. Bacon

Bacon saturates the veins with fat, which can lead to a heart attack.

13. Artificial Sweeteners

Sweeteners such as aspartame, neotame are worse than sugar. It contains a lower amount of calories & high risk of diabetes, heart disease, high BP. Aspartame is considered as the most dangerous substance in the world. Substitute it by natural and healthy alternatives to sugar, like honey.

14. Commercial fruit juices

Don’t go by the label that says “100% fruit”, no matter how healthy they look, they don’t have any nutrients & cause disease. They are processed and mixed with colorants, preservatives, and sugars. Instead, prepare your own all-natural fruit juice.

15. Vegetable Oil

A better substitute for vegetable oil is olive. Some vegetable oils, like sunflower, soybean, and canola, have higher levels of omega-6 in them. It is a fatty acid which is harmful to your brain and can lead to brain inflammation.

16. Potato chips

Deep-fried foods contain an unsafe substance called acrylamide which increases the risk of cancer of the colon, breast tumors, prostate cancer tumors, and rectum cancer. Make you own healthy potato chips at home. Put a little essential olive oil on sliced up potatoes, sprinkle with a pinch of salt, and bake it inside your oven. 

17. Sausage

There is a high level of fat in them, causing circulation problems or heart attack risks.

18. Canned tomatoes

In some countries canned tomatoes are prohibited as the container of the canned tomato contains Bisphenol-A which is a toxic substance & can cause serious hormonal problems.

19. Fast food

Generally, fast food has fats, sugar, salt, preservatives, colorants, and other chemicals. It can cause cancer, metabolic disorders, weight gain, and cardiovascular disease.