Ayurvedic Tips for a Toned Body with Healthy Digestion & Glowing Face

These tips of Ayurveda will help you to get a perfect shaped body with healthy digestion system.

Ayurvedic Tips for a Toned Body with Healthy Digestion & Glowing Face
Ayurvedic Tips

Who does not want to have a toned or a healthy body? Even most of the women choose dieting to get a perfect shaped figure.

Dieting is a myth for a toned body. It will lose your weight for sure but will take all the charm of your face. Would you like a body with no charm and glow?

This article will help you to get a body which you want to have. Neither, we have a magical trick nor a magical stick to lose your weight overnight.

Nevertheless, these Ayurvedic tips will help you to maintain the body weight which will be healthy and graceful at the same time.

Importantly, you need to be aware about your digestive health as digestion plays a crucial role to gain or lose weight.

Similarly, heartburn, gas, upset stomach, constipation are the major symptoms of digestive health which affects majorly your health.

Since, India is the origin of the Ayurveda and people across the world have a belief in it.

You must know that our digestive fire is known as Agni which manages to be balanced and strongest at the noon.

The largest meal of the day is Lunch according to the Ayurveda. A secret key to get a good health is a balanced Agni. 

From today you can add Ayurvedic tips while having your lunch to improve and lose the body weight with a good digestive system.

Simple tips of Ayurveda to cure all the digestive problems are as follows:

Ayurvedic Tips:

1. Add warm vegetables soup to start your lunch to promote a good digestion. You need to blend spices, garlic and ginger in the soup.

2. Always try to eat freshly prepared or warm food. In Ayurveda, it helps the food enzymes towards a better digestion.

3. You should include proteins in your diet which are the high sources of proteins. 

  • For non-vegetarians: Eggs, Fish, Chicken
  • For Vegetarians: Chickpeas (chole or chana), Spinach, Broccoli 

4. Avoid drinking water during and after eating your meal as per the Ayurveda. A plenty of water affects digestive fire or Agni. Yet you can have 1-2 sips before the meal which helps the oral cavity & oesophagus to function.

5. Never eat your food like you are in hurry. Always chew your food slowly as it ensures to lose weight. 

6. Eating slowly sends a signal to the brain about how much you eat and what you eat which allows you to consume less calories.


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