Are You Real or Reel? Make Your Own Footprints

Nobody can play your role better than you , you are the origin of your personality ,people can copy but cannot be you .

Are You Real or Reel? Make Your Own Footprints
Real or Reel

Stop being someone who is not you. We are living in a society where people love to live in a fake world which is possible by the social media. The basic logic is to follow a person as he is successful.

Have you ever heard that someone’s ideal is a looser? NO! Because we all have a mindset that if we follow a successful person then we can succeed in future but being your self is enough to get successful.

By following someone we follow their footstep and forget to build up our own footprints in the way of success. Nobody can play your role better than you. You are the origin of your personality people can copy but cannot be you.

There is a debate on 'Social Media' some think it’s a platform where we can meet our dreams but some thinks, it’s ruining the generation.

We are addicted to social media and cannot resist ourselves from using it, even if we want to. We see thousands of faces on social media and we start following them. 

However, that’s really good to follow someone to take good things from him\her but it becomes an addiction when you forget yourself and start chasing someone else.

So from the next time don’t follow instead learn things not only from ideal people but from those who are failed because they will teach about the second phase of life which is failure and we will be prepared to take the hard from the life.

It is not mandatory to have an ideal person in your life because you learn different things from different people that can be positive as well as negative. Whatever it is, the only thing you experience and learn "a new chapter of life".

We turn the whole personality into a different person on social media and can say to make our self fit into that fantasy world. We start showing off little things just for the few likes and attention. 

We do not get in the starting that it’s a bog where we are drowning gradually. We spend much time on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram to have a fun time for us but did we ever notice that our real happiness is our family and friends who accept all our flaws without complaining .They are with us in every situation rather than our social media’s friends. 

You can lie to someone but cannot make fool of yourself. Be you, it does not matter what people think and you don’t need to stand on someone’s ideology because people will never let you live in peace.

We should be proud of us because everyone has uniqueness which is inside them and need to brush to shine like gems.

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