American Journalist Mocks an Indian Based Journalist

Recently a video is getting viral where NY post journalist makes fun and mocks an Indian journalist during the press conference.

American Journalist Mocks an Indian Based Journalist
NY journalist

A video is being viral on social media where one can see the NY post journalist making faces and mocking the Indian journalist.

Conventionally, a press conference was conducted by the US president Donald Trump on February 26. The press conference took place on the discussion of Coronavirus at the Washington House in United States. 

In the video, a New York post journalist is mocking an Indian reporter during the press conference when an Indian based reporter asks a question to the Trump. This video is becoming a new sensational topic on the internet and left the people furious.
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The NY reporter can be seen sitting behind him and started making fun of him during the question asked by him. Indian journalist asked Trump about India-US relationship as he recently made a visit to the country. 
A twitter user named Damon Imani posted this video first and wrote a caption "Who is that reporter in the green mocking an Indian reporter? I bet she thinks Trump is racist."

Although, other twitter users started commenting as they are angry for her behavior. Interestingly, this video has reached over 3 million views in no time. Many of them have accused the American journalist for being racist and laughing over the journalist's accent.

Amid the internet cold war, a twitter user came to defend Ebony Bowden NY post journalist. The twitter user said that the Indian reporter asked an irrelevant and out of context question in the press conference.

Hence, the user posted a high resolution video of the question asked by him.

The twitter user Damon Imani, again posted another thread of the same video to disclose that the Indian journalist got mocked by NY journalist is Raghubir Goyal.

He captioned it "He has been a White House reporter since President Carter and he speaks better English than most of us speak Hindi".


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