Alert: Access Curfew Pass to Cross Inter-state Borders Amid COVID-19

DCP Shrivastava has announced to access the curfew passes who are commuting from borders. These people are working amid the outbreak as they come in essential services.

Alert: Access Curfew Pass to Cross Inter-state Borders Amid COVID-19
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On Monday, Delhi Police officially announced to carry curfew passes if anyone is coming from Delhi’s borders. This action has been taken to handle the situation amid the outbreak where people are showing their immoral behavior.

Despite the lockdown people were seen on the roads to see how the city looks. Eventually, Delhi Police came up with new idea to control the mass gathering by implementing curfew passes. If a person roams around in the city without curfew pass, a strict action will be faced by him.

However, government has allowed the essential services to function as these services includes, Army, Police, Doctors, Media, Grocery Shop, Milk Supply, Cleaners. 

As per the section 144 of CrPC, assembly of four or more people at same place is prohibitory. Yet, people violated the section 144 and tried to enter in the city. Though, police stopped them at the border and told them to return home.

Delhi Police Commissioner SN Shrivastava imposed a new order on Monday night. The order says that Delhi’s borders will be sealed for all except people of essential services. 

It’s been said that the people who work in private organizations need to access the ‘curfew passes’ from their offices. This pass can only be accessed from the office of deputy commissioner of police. The organizations have to access the curfew pass from the office of DCP where their office is located.

Importantly, passes will be required for the inter-border movement. Curfew passes are not required for those who are commuting within Delhi.

The passes are only for inter-border movement and will not be required for those living and commuting within Delhi.

Delhi Police spokesperson Randhawa told “The individuals do not need to rush the DCP’s office for curfew passes. The organizations need to send a list along with the names of their employees. He further added “The passes will be issued by the DCP’s offices to the organizations. 

However, the purpose behind curfew passes is to reduce the crowd amid the current scenario. If everyone start gathering at DCP’s office then it will be a failure of social distancing.



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