77 Yr Old Man Arrested by Police for Hunting Pokemon amid Lockdown

After the pandemic, Spain declared lockdown in the country yet the man was playing on the streets.

77 Yr Old Man Arrested by Police for Hunting Pokemon amid Lockdown
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While coronavirus plague has taken around 18 thousand lives across the world wide. Over 4 lakh cases have been reported from different countries. 

As the cases are being raised day by day the governments have already implemented laws & order. Yet hundreds of complaints have been filed against the people for violating the rules. 

Even governments have imposed complete lockdown in the states. The only way to control the virus from spreading is to main social distancing. 

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, a 77 year old man has been arrested by police in Madrid, Spain. Though, people are advised to not step out of the houses for the safety. Nevertheless, there are also few people who are enough daring to violate the lockdown in the times of pandemic.

The old man was hunting Pokemon on his phone on the streets. The police saw him during the lockdown and arrested him for the same.

Aftermath of this incident, the police department of Madrid shared it on Twitter. On March 23, a picture of official complaint registration posted by the police team. They captioned “hunting Pokemon, dinosaurs or any other creature is strictly prohibited during the lockdown”.

The tweet went viral in no time and got the public attention and over 900 likes on that. Due to the sudden raise in the positive cases of COVID-19, Spain had declared the lockdown on March 14.

Similarly, Prime Minister Modi has announced lockdown on March 24 for 21 days. However, people can be seen violating the order fearlessly.