5 Whitening & Brightening Homemade Face Packs

Apply these face packs to naturally get a glowing and brightening skin.

5 Whitening & Brightening Homemade Face Packs
Natural Remedies

Everyone wants a brighter and clearer skin without putting any efforts for it. Actually, a hectic day is enough to exhaust your whole body.

Once you reach home you immediately start searching for the bed corner to stretch your arms.

You are not the only one who desires to have a celebrity's glowing skin. You must be aware with the fact that all celebrities follow a beauty regime on daily basis.

To keep your skin supple, brighter and glowing a beauty regime is mandatory. Yet, we all cannot afford the bills of parlors and salons to have a beautiful skin. 

Though, every skin colour is beautiful with their uniqueness but these home remedies will help you to get rid of tan, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Who does not want a clear skin with no spots and marks on the face? 

  • Banana Face Pack:

If you have tried all the ways to get rid of the black spots, pimple marks and blemishes on your face then you should go for this mask. You need to apply this mask thrice a week.
For it, you need half banana and three tablespoon curd to make a balanced face pack to apply on your face and neck. If you are allergic to curd then you should opt for honey over curd.

  • Potato face mask:

Potato face pack is beneficial for a stubborn tan after exposing too much in the sun. This face pack will work tremendously on the tan which makes your skin dull and uneven. Potato also helps in whitening the skin as it has natural bleaching elements.
Not to worry, you can take whole potato then keep it for later use. To make a potato face pack, you need to grate the potato and add 3-5 drops of lemon juice. You can apply this face mask twice in a day.

  • Besan face pack:

Besan or gram flour is another natural remedy to get a bright and whiten skin. You can use curd, turmeric or honey to make basan face pack. Besan also helps to lighten the facial hair which makes the skin tone lighter.
This face pack can be used daily before going to sleep. Apply the face pack for 15-20 minutes to see the results.

  • Papaya face pack:

If you are having an acne prone skin or pimples on your face then go for it without any second thought. You need a slice of papaya and mash it to apply around 10-15 minutes thrice in a week. Use it with honey which will moisturize the skin. Do not use lemon drops if you are allergic to it. Papaya will naturally help you to get a clean and whiten skin.

  • Orange peel face pack:

Least but the best face pack as it has all the goodness which you want. Orange peels help in unclogging the pores, removing the blackheads and acne scars. You need to grind its peels and add 3-4 drops of water to make a paste. Apply twice or daily in a week before going to bed. This will naturally scrub the skin which gives a lighter, brighter and clearer skin than ever.

Important Note- Always try to pamper your skin in the night before going to bed as this is the best time for the cells to repair your skin issues overnight. However, these masks can be applied in the morning and noon as well. Make sure to not step out of the house after these face packs or else it will give you results gradually.

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