21 yr old Boy Posted Video of Licking Toilet Seat for TikTok Challenge

A 21 year old California influencer posted his video of licking toilet seat as a TikTok challenge.

21 yr old Boy Posted Video of Licking Toilet Seat for TikTok Challenge



Recently, a video of licking toilet seat was trending on social media. A 21 year old boy who hails from California had posted a video where he is licking the public toilet seat. It was a TikTok challenge and the boy who posted this video is an influencer named Larz.

It was an insane and crazy Tiktok challenge where youngsters are taking corona as a joke. A number of Tiktokers have posted their video of licking toilet seats. 

After few days of this video, Larz posted a video that he tested positive for coronvirus. He uploaded his own video of hospitalized.

Though, countries are trying all the possible methods to control the coronavirus from spreading. On the other hand, these people are taking it as a joke and doing all the disgraced things for likes.

On his hospitalized video, Britain Host Piers Morgan commented that it’s Karma and he should not be treated even put him into the jail.

He also mentioned “In USA over 55,000 people are tested positive for COVID-19 which includes 784 deaths”. 

Earlier, this influencer came to Dr Phil show and said I don’t talk to my family because they do not have followers. In case they got followers and become rich then I will talk to them.

Meanwhile, 168 countries have been going through a trauma of their people’s death due to pandemic. Yet, there is a generation of social media to spread demeaning activities. 

Larz is not the only influencer of social media who has done this act. There are lots of people doing this challenge.

 A police official of Warrenton said that they have received several complaints around the world. It includes Ireland, UK, Netherlands and need to take these concerns seriously.